8 WTF Indian Names You Won’t Believe Exist.

8 WTF Indian Names You Won't Believe Exist.

Do you often complain to your friends about your name? Well, not anymore, for we bring to you a list of 10 Indians with unintentionally funny names that will make you thank your parents for not making you the laughing stock for everyone.

1. Isn’t that the best welcome ever?wtfindiannamesyouwontbelieveexist1_1412761878

2. If SBI, Ranchi can’t get your work done on time when you visit them next, you know why!



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3.Imagine how he’d introduce himself to his date. “Hi, I’m Mahadik. Sarthak Mahadik”


4.This guy here is an Indian cricketer called Napoleon Einstein. Quite a combination, we say!


5.Does anybody want to get their houses designed by this Banchhod?


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6. Ab ki baar…are you listening, PM?


7.That must hurt.


8. And, we saved the best one for the last! Can any name in the world beat this? Way to go Lodhas.


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