Words of a wasted guy..

Words of a wasted guy..


Its not like we are addicted,

its just we need a way to release our inner thoughts.

We may drink, we may fight, we may shout,

but its not to hurt anyone,

its just a way to let things out.


We touched heights, we fell on ground,

we saw the time when no one was around.

We gathered ourselves and began again,

when everyone thought our efforts are just vain.


We wanted to make parents proud,

but efforts were not that loud.

Now lifted a sword to make things happen,

but weak will made our attacks dampen.


Now again i find myself on the track,

i will try to defend every attack.

Situations sometimes go against me,

but its me who is going to write my own destiny.


A day will definitely come,

when i’ll be known to everyone or some.

People will remember me as a peer,

who beat the odds and had no fear.


So what if i am alone now,

you will follow me even into wild.

That day will surely come,

when my parents will say thats my child…

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