10 Interesting Characters You’ll Meet At All Indian weddings.

10 Interesting Characters You’ll Meet At All Indian weddings.

Shaadis are a big deal in India. And then again, why shouldn’t they be? They are as entertaining as a blockbuster paisa vasool Bollywood film. Besides the food, glitterati and emotional traditions to be followed, there are all kinds of people you bump into at Indian weddings. Some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant, they’re entertaining to observe all the same.

At any Indian wedding, you simply cannot miss these interesting characters:

1.The Camera-Obsessed

These  are those, who run after the photographer to get clicked. They want to feature in every frame and be seen as the most important people at the wedding. They pose even when they are not-so-close to the family.


2.The Hot Saali

The eye-candy, all decked up in a Manish Malhotra imitation ensemble. The sexy ghagra-choli is her thing and she gets all the eyes rolling the moment she steps down!


3.The Rich Uncle

The one with the big fat wallet carrying tons of currency notes. He is the first one to shell out money the moment anything happens! “Oh! She dances so well.” *Vaar pher* “Oh, he looks so good.” *Vaar pher*


4.The Groom’s Best Friend

The one who sees himself as the ultimate stud. He is the one who kick starts all the drinks, dances and of course, flirting.

best friend


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5.The Foodie Guests

There sole reason to attend a marriage is FOOD. They make sure that they taste each and every item present from drinks to salads to main course to 5 types of sweet dishes.

khana kahan hai..?


6.The One With The Moves Like Jagger/thunder stealer.

The one who can really move it move it. He/she knows all the exact Bollywood steps and when they dance, the whole crowd follows. “Hey DJ! Play Angrezi Beat Teee!” *Hoots*

style queen


indian shadi

7.The Alcohol Tanker

The species found near the bar. The first place they visit even before wishing the newly-weds is the BAR! After all, who doesn’t like free alcohol? But then being touchy with jhappiyan aur pappiyan. NO.


8.The Stalking Photographer

I agree I feel like a celeb when you get captured in your all-new attire. But, dude, you don’t have to stalk me in the entire marriage with those big halogens! Urgh!

khane to de yaar…!


9.The Hard-To-Please Relatives

Khaane mein tel zyada hai na?,” “Kheer mein meetha kam hai! Isse acha toh Bitto ki shaadi ka khaana tha…”, “Lighting thodi dull hai shaadi ke hisaab se.” and the list goes on.


10.The Wedding Crashers

You can find them only at Indian weddings. The ones who crash weddings for food, drinks or just for some fun! “Arey, yahan pe kuch ho raha hai! Chal kar dekhte hain…”

marriage crashers
marriage crashers

wedding crashers


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