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Words of a wasted guy..

Its not like we are addicted, its just we need a way to release our inner thoughts. We may drink, we may fight, we may shout, but its not to hurt anyone, its just a way to let things out.   We touched heights, we fell on ground, we saw the time when no one was around. We gathered ourselves and began again, when everyone thought our efforts are just

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13 Things You’ll Understand If You’re The Only Girl In Your Friends Group

15 Things You’ll Understand If You’re The Only Girl In Your Friends Group 1. You are used to being called “bro” or “dude” by all your friends. 2. People who don’t know you think you’re a tomboy. 3. They also assume you’re into sports, bikes and all other guy things. 4. People presume you’re dating one of them/all of them. 5. When it comes to dirty jokes, you give them stiff competition.


For those who dont know about siachin.It is a glacier in kashmir.The highest combat zone on planet earth, Siachen glacier is one place where more soldiers have died on the line duty due to harsh weather conditions than because of enemy fire from pakistan. For Indian forces deployed in Siachen, it is less of a challenge to watch out for the frail Pakistani forces but to just stay atop this

10 Times Shahid Kapoor Proved He Is The Most Flawless Indian Man.

SHAHID KAPOOR Despite his roller coaster-ride of a career, it’s never really easy to forget that Shahid Kapoor is one extremely talented actor. The fact that he can dance, emote, express and is a looker too also helps to assert why he is nothing short of a flawless man for all the Shanatics of the online world.  After his latest blockbuster release-Haider where he acted like a dream, we at


HAPPY DIWALI THIS UNIQUE CONCEPT OF DIWALI WISH WILL DEFINITELY PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE 😛 1) Rushing to the kitchen when guests leave your home to eat mithai, chips and all served stuff. 2) Some of them are curious to open the gifts as soon as possible..!!   Best offer on men’s clothing.Get more than 40% discount. Hurry before its too late. 3) Yeh aunty kaisa gift de gyi..

10 things you feel when you go home after a long time..

“Home is where I can eat all my mom’s delicacies and chat for hours with my dad.” If the holiday season  is drawing you to your home after a long time, like a month, then here is the mental checklist of things to look forward to… 1. You stay super excited from the moment your trip home gets confirmed.. 2. Once you board your bus/train/flight, you constantly keep checking your phone for


L and R really matters for some reasons People always make fun of Left and Right written on earphones due to lack of their understanding. Every thing has a reason behind it. Must read these two reasons for better clearification. Best reason given by Miss Kate:  First of all, they fit slightly differently. Not a big difference, but more comfortable if worn right. Secondly, what is playing in the left


 Headphones/Earphones Over-the-ear, on-the-ear, in-the-ear, it doesn’t matter what your choice, as long as the sound is good. Here are 10 headphones that you should consider when deciding on the right pair of headphones to buy. When it comes to audio, going up on the price chart doesn’t always mean you’re going for the best. Sometimes a cheap headphone can give you amazing sound quality, but there are also those that while

5 Strange Things Guys Find Attractive In Women

We know a lot of things that guys find attractive but did you know that there are some strange things guys find attractive? I really didn’t know that most of these things were things guys find attractive until I worked on this article.  I hope it is as enlightening to you as it was to me. 5) FEAR Fear is the first thing on my list of strange things guys

21 tiny tattoos girls will fall in love with..

You would want to have one after seeing these.. every girl will fall in love with these tattoos.. These teeny-tiny tattoos are so adorable,you would definitely change your mind.. 1.   2.       3.     4.     5.     6. 7. 8.       9. 10. 11. 12.   13.   14.     15.     16. 17. 18. 19. 20.    


  You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab, but you can never take Punjab out of a Punjabi. Punjabis all over the world will testify to the above statement. Even when they reach the heights of success, they never forget their roots. Growing up in Punjab is an enriching experience. If you grew up in the land of butter chicken, here are 9 things you will definitely relate to: 1. You learned BC and MC before

8 things you will understand if you are a night owl..

Early to bed and early to rise may make one healthy, wealthy and wise, but you are a creature of the dark. You’d rather seize the night than seize the day. You just can’t understand why anybody would waste a perfectly good night by sleeping! If you belong to the brotherhood of night crawlers, then this is the story of your life: 1) WHILE EVERYBODY’S CLOCK GOES FROM AM TO

10 things only hostellers will understand..

Growing up is tough for everyone but there are some parts of it you’ll never forget. One of those parts is the “Hostel experience”. Don’t let Karan Johar fool you into believing that hostels are like the one’s shown in ‘Student of the Year! Here’s what the real hostel experience is like. It’s more like a life lesson, but you have a blast along the way! 1) YOU BECOME THE

3 most beautiful cities in the world..

Once again the European continent is stacking all the most beautiful and alluring cities in its hands. We would have thought of other cities in the United States or in India but this is not the case. Venice, Paris and Prague still keeps the top rank of  most beautiful cities from all over the world… 1) VENICE… Unanimous among tourists in all corners of the earth, Venice was and still

10 reasons and signs your mother is supercool..

1)  she is your gossip buddy..Mrs. sharma ka suit dekha cheap… 2) you always tell her when you like someone.. mom,i like that guy.. 3) and she gets more excited than you..aaj bni tu meri beti.. 4) She’s also the first person you come to when it all goes wrong..     5) And she always says the right thing.. This might not always be the right thing, but sometimes it’s all you

Kids always seems to be drunk....! Damn Funny !!

FUNNY DRUNK KIDS 1.Funny they’ll stop what they’re doing to take a nap. Doesn’t matter where they are. Doesn’t matter who they’re with. 2.They all make faces like this..     3.They conduct themselves poorly in public.               4.Seriously, they just can’t seem to get their food to their mouths.           5.They are totally unable to predict when they’re about